Antivirus Website Protection


Over 100 million website owners rely on MGRUNDMANN Antivirus Website Protection to maintain their websites safe. Remember: Protecting now, securing the long run.


Why Antivirus Website Protection?


Every website needs security. Even if your website doesn’t have plenty of traffic it may be attacked by hackers. Our website antivirus will help you maintain your website protected by identifying flaws that a hacker can use to access an administrator’s panel or infect your customers with viruses and spyware.


We take website security seriously. Every day our antivirus assists hundreds of website owners to eliminate backdoors and malware from their websites. Our product uses an absolutely distinctive heuristic algorithm to detect Backdoors, Viruses, PHP Mailers, Redirects, rootkits and etc.. Even if the virus isn’t in our database our antivirus can detect it by assessing file’s code.


Every day we receive reports from our clients all around the world. Our engineers examine each infected file our client’s sent to us this is what makes our product unique. We get infected files to form tens of thousands of people from all around the world and each day we add them to our databases.


What you may get:

✔ An absolutely distinctive antivirus solution for your website.

✔ Potential to use on any CMS and any website.

✔ Deep scan of every file on your website.

✔ Daily update of the virus database.

✔ Strong and distinctive Heuristic algorithm to detect unknown viruses.

✔ Malware removal and code analyze service Premium

✔ Professional support from our security experts.

✔ And even more


I’d like to test your Antivirus for free

No problem. We’ve got 14 days trial. Just register on our website. Install our CMS expansion (if you use WordPress, Joomla etc), or simply add your website on your own account and enjoy all the features of the product.