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 China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited (CR Pharmaceutical) (Stock Code: 03320.HK) is a leading integrated pharmaceutical company in China, one of the Top Three companies in the industry specializing in R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and retail of medicines and nutraceutical products. Since the Company went public, it has been included into a number of important capital market indexes, including Hang Seng Composite MidCap Index, FTSE Global Large Cap Index, Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) China Index, Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index, etc. In 2021, CR Pharmaceutical ranked 63rd in the Fortune China 500 list. 


Our subsidiaries include CR Pharmaceutical Commercial Group Co., Ltd., CR Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (000999.SZ), CR Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (600062.SH), CR Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Dong-E-E-Jiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (000423.SZ), China Resources Boya Bio-pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (300294.SZ), China Resources Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China Resources Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., National Institute of Pharmaceutical R&D Co., Ltd., and CR Care Company Limited. 


In 2021, the revenue of CR Pharmaceutical reached HK$ 236.806 billion, and the net profit reached HK$ 6.647 billion. 


Our pharmaceutical manufacturing ranks among the top five in the industry. As the largest non-prescription medicine manufacturer in China, we manufacture 615 kinds of medicines, such as chemicals, traditional Chinese medicines(TCM), biological agents, and nutraceutical products, covering a wide range of therapeutic areas, such as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and metabolism, high-volume intravenous infusion, pediatrics, respiratory system, dermatology, as well as blood products, coagulation disorders treatment and immune disease treatment. In addition, we have many well-known brands such as "999", "Dong-E-E-Jiao", "Double-Crane", "Jiangzhong" and "Boya Bio-pharmaceutical". 


Our pharmaceutical business ranks among the top three in the industry and our business network covers the whole country. We have established 330 subsidiaries and branches in 28 provinces and cities, operating a total of 208 modern logistics centers which provide highly specialized and efficient supply chain services for upstream and downstream customers. In addition, we operate one of the largest retail pharmacy networks in China with 801 self-operated retail pharmacies, including 211 DTP (direct-to-patient) specialized pharmacies. 


"Protecting Human Health and Improving Quality of Life" is our lofty mission. In the future, CR Pharmaceutical will seize the opportunities for developing and transforming China’s healthcare industry to propel the consolidation, enhancement and renovation of the industrial chain with R&D innovation, investment and M&As as the drivers and based on better resource allocation. We will further promote business development and industrial upgrading, and continuously enhance our core competitiveness for high-quality development. All in all, we are committed to becoming a leader in the pharmaceutical and health industry that is trusted by the public and driven by innovation! 


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