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Regarding training needs of different employee groups , we offer three training models for employee’s development; one is “Leadership Development for Managers”, another one is “Ability Enhancement for Professionals” and the third is “New EmpoyeeTraining” , to support the sustainable growth of our business, in not only SBU but also our Business units and affiliates.


Leadership Development for Managers

Aim to improve the comprehensive management ability of Managers


Ability Enhancement for Professionals

Designed to professionals from field of R&D, marketing, strategy, finance, human resources, and risk management, also auditing and laws, and Government Affairs.

Including both theory study and practice training activities


New Employee Training Model

The program for the new employees. 
Help to generally understand our culture, our business, and our system. 
Help to meet the requirements of their new job positions.


New Employee Orientation

Held every year by China Resources Group 
Last for 45 days 
Include six modules of the courses and activities 
Help to transform form students to an employee of CR
More information:http://winfo.crc.com.cn/column/ctstar/2013/

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